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Akka is functionally complete...

Just going though some tests before releasing it and breathing, and
passing to other things. I am pulling my hair over an unexpected bug in
SWIG/Perl/Linux PPC (dunno which), which will prevent me from testing
stuff like Glyph Shaping if unfixed. Not resting until it's done, and
will consider the RPM stuff right after it. I don't know if I'll be able
to commit directly to CVS, seeing the great quality of my connection. In
case it'll be easier for me to send you a tarball, I will do that.
Talking about connections, I think my ISP decided to cut IRC. Please
communicate any detail about meeting by email in the core list because
this really sucks, I'm really in terrible conditions to do normal work,
and it takes me an extra effort everytime I want to do something that
has to go over the Net (we've been told the net is dangerous... no
comment). I'll try to ssh to a remote server and irc2 from there.

Not sure I said it all. I was just thinking about Isam's comments about
attending Arabeyes meetings. I've had an idea recently, which is, since
I move a lot. We could decide in advance to organize a meeting in the
countries I'm visiting, if you folks think it is worth my effort.

Later folks,