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Re: you need advertisement

--- Mohammed Halabi <mih_flyer at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> i'm the administrator of www.VB4ARAB.com, i used to translate with you, but 
> because i'm bust the last few weeks i didn't translate a word.. but i can 
> help with advertisement,, i have about 2000 visits to my site every day,,,i 
> can put an advertisment in the main page so other peole can join you in this 
> so you can finish it A.S.A.P...
> so please some body give me some words in arabic to put it in the main 
> page....waiting fo response...

Isam - could you take care of this ASAP before he changes his mind :-)
In the future we should jump on these opportunities right away and then
pretty 'em up and change the wording later :-)

Mohammed, could we simply use our current banner (make it a tad smaller)
and simply mail it to the guy with a 3-4 line blurb about us for now ?
We can mail him something more thorough later.

  "We develop open-source linux/unix applications, volunteer based
   ..... and we need your help" :-)

Isam if/when you contact him - ask if he has other ideas or other people
that could do this for us as well or if he knows any magazines or journals
we could advertise in for free (through him or not).


 - Nadim

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