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Re: PayPal

--- Isam Bayazidi <bayazidi at accessme dot com> wrote:
> On 04:20 الثلاثاء 01 يناير 2002, you wrote:
> > Some time tomorrow morning, I will open the doors for donations to
> > Arabeyes. After some research, our choices were simply limited to 'PayPal'.
>  Agree on PayPal, indeed it is the best available choice .. But I would 
> prefere to announce it after our weekly meeting .. there is some questions 
> that we should be prepared of, such as:
> 	- where does this money go ?
> 	- who decides what to spend ?
> 	- 
> Remember that when Arabeyes are spending from donation we have certain 
> transperancy and credibilty that need to be maintained. 

We also will need a means to show ALL account activity (to the penny)
on where the money is being spent (scan'ed receipts if need be).

Mohammed I would suggest next to the paypal icon (or below it) add a
link that says "what's this" (or akin to that) and in it explain what
this will be used for and why we need it (similar to what K5 notes on
their PayPal page).

In terms of decision on how to spend the money - it would be suggested
by anyone and we 'core' will agree upon it.

Happy New year day to all :-)

 - Nadim

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