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Re: PayPal

On Tue, Jan 01, 2002 at 10:50:36AM +0200, Isam Bayazidi wrote:
>  Agree on PayPal, indeed it is the best available choice .. But I would 
> prefere to announce it after our weekly meeting .. there is some questions 
> that we should be prepared of, such as:
> 	- where does this money go ?

Goes into the Arabeyes PayPal account? Which can from there be withdrawn
directly into my bank account.

> 	- who decides what to spend ?

The 'core' team ;)

> Remember that when Arabeyes are spending from donation we have certain 
> transperancy and credibilty that need to be maintained. 

Sure -- We've already	talked about this though, and have already said that all
receipts, transactions, etc. will be publically available. RE-re-re-read the
Arabeyes charter/manifesto/whatever ;) 

What I would like to discuss with all of you is gonig to be more of, how
exactly do we show this? As in, do we simply archive the
'contribute at arabeyes dot org' mail? Do we scan receipts as well, or restrict
purchases to online, so we can keep it all text? etc.

There is no question about the transparency. Also keep in mind that there is
an element of trust here. You will simply have to trust that I will be
responsible for handling the money (call it, 'Treasurer' ;)).

> Yes indeed we need new hardwre for the Arabeyes server :-) we saw how does 
> this machine look alike :-) indeed it is a super machine :-)

Hey! That's top-secret ;) 

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