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Dictionary Links

here is some of the links I talked about :
http://www.alqamoos.com/en.htm ( multi lingual)
http://www.almisbar.com/dict_page_a.html ( with Java Applets, nice)

http://www.arabicpalm.com/APOS.htm#Al-Qamoos ( a Palm Dictionary called 

About Babylon Dictionaris below is a list of links, little disc.,  number of 
terms included, and maintainer email :
English - Arabic Localization Dictionary
This dictionary is helpful for people who need to translate or localize some 
English applications to Arabic ... Here they will find the most words 
required to localize the program Menu,Dialog,...etc...If you have any 
suggestions please contact me at: aliorffi at mailroom dot com
No. of Definitions: 669
Glossary Builder: Ali Orffi
Email: aliorffi at mailroom dot com
English 2 Arabic 
No. of Definitions: 65,110
Glossary Builder: ethar turky
Email: ethar1 at yahoo dot com
English 2 Arabic Glossary
Description: Its fully comprehensive Englis to Arabic Dictionary collected 
from many English to Arabic Dictionaries I hope it Help You in understanding 
All English words you may found a problem with it good wishes
No. of Definitions: 66,899
Glossary Builder: Emad F.F.
Email: None provided

I will see if there is a way to extract the terms from the Bablylon 
dictionary files .. it is somehow encoded ...
About the Newspaper.. thier site is not working for some reason.. I will 
probably scan the news piece and send it to you .. or maybe write it down and 
send it ..

			Isam Bayazidi
			Amman- Jordan