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Newspaper link/info

--- Isam Bayazidi <bayazidi at accessme dot com> wrote:
> About the Newspaper.. thier site is not working for some reason.. I will 
> probably scan the news piece and send it to you .. or maybe write it down and
> send it ..

Isam, I would highly recommend NOT writing it down yourself - we need something
external (either a URL and a SCAN (gif/jpeg), certainly the author (if you can
contact him, would be more than happy to send us something).

If we/you write it ourselves/yourself,

 1. it won't look real :-)
 2. won't have the same effect as seeing something from a third party
 3. wouldn't be MORE professional.

Alas, it would definitely be cool to add it to our homepage :-)

Salam all.

 - Nadim

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