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weekly minutes - Nov 8

Here is the info I entered into the weekly.minutes file - please
try to abide by what we agreed upon (its also crucial that we meet
the deadlines that we've self-assigned)

 - Nadim

+ Topic: VIM
  - Mohammed notes "akmap() is the engine & central location"
  - Isam concludes we need arabic.c (like farsi.c)
  - Isam and Nadim agree on Nov 30 deadline (VIM complete)
  - release date --> Nov 30 (Isam and Nadim agree)

+ Topic: AKKA
  - Chahine notes testing to begin Nov 26; akka will be able to,
    "install and play, with both glyph shaping and bidi input"
  - release date --> NONE committed to.

+ Topic: QaMoose
  - Isam notes, "5 sites that give translation English-Arabic,
  - Mohammed wants 1.3 to include 'dict protocol'
    => "an extra module to qamoose that will convert the current db
        to a dict compliant one"
  - It was noted that QaMoose is NOT a dictionary, but that this extra
    dictd module ought to spur a NEW dictd project
  - Nadim notes he needs to talk to Chahine after nov 30 about his thoughts.

+ Topic: Site issues
  - Mohammed notes 'htdig' fixed (link issues on site files)
  - Mohammed wants to revamp whole site this weekend
  - Mohammed agreed to work on Gnats first then looked into CSS
  - completion date --> Nov 11 (this weekend)

+ Topic: 'announce' mail-list
  - A war was averted by consensus
    => Mohammed will send an email to all current mail-lists noting
       "this is the final email of this type in which we announce things" and
       "Arabeyes is growing so fast, that we need to adapt to demand and
        suggestions....   We still need more developers, too many projects,
        not enough software developers".
    => Isam will then wait a day or two and mail the Newsletter to announce

+ Topic: Arabeyes license
  - Isam and Chahine agree for a broader license soup
  - Nadim notes that the license should NOT be home-brewed, he notes
    that Arabeyes should use a third party license to distance any perception
    of funny business or favoritism (rampant in arabic world)
  - No agreement was reached since Mohammed wasn't there.

+ Topic: Arabeyes hits the press
  - Isam notes a newspaper in which Arabeyes was featured.
    => "News about Arabeyes and it's projects and a link in a local
        weekly english Newspaper in Jordan."
    => "Author, Zaid Nasser, is a tech columnist in Jordan one of the
        best in the Arab world, happy about our projects"
  - Isam promises to email a URL or a scan of the article so that we
    can feature it on Arabeyes.org's News section (and 'announce' :-)

+ Topic: various/chatter
 - Isam notes edeveloper2 at msn dot com having a problem with QaMoose in Windows
   => Nadim instructs Isam to inform person to post to 'developer'
   => Nadim wants Gnats :-)
 - Nadim notes "looked into Chahine's 'chonfigure', but I need to know
   more about automake to compare apples-to-apples"
   => Mohammed notes URL for more automake details,

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