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Re: & problem

Hi Abdulla,
& is used for keyboard accelerator, with &Open you can use
Alt+o to execute the open action.
You have to make sure that the same letter isn't marked twice
within one menu.
I suggest that you leave this issue for now until you can get
KDE3 with arabic support working.

Hicham Amaoui.

Abdulla wrote:

Hi all I am having a little problem with translating things that contain
&.  Example:
'split &Vertical'
do I translate it to 'Eqsem &2modeyan'
or '2amodeyan &Eqsem'
I am worried because it seems that the & char is related to the
programing of KDE.  Also.  I have seen things like: O&pen with, or
C&omment.  Can I correct the English string ( to &Open with, &Comment)
and translate it afterwords?  To me these seem like typo's but I may be

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