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RE: nadim's concern! (Khaled Hosny)

As a native speaker of English, I can confidently tell you that "digest" means a condensed version of something else, usually multiple items packaged together.  In this case, the use of the term may be a little misleading -- I doubt there is any condensing.  It's probably just an all-in-one mailing of messages that would be sent separately otherwise.  I haven't subscribed to your digest, but that's what some other mailing lists do.  To be sure of getting everything, don't use the digest option.

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Thanks kaled,
as when I signed up, I looked everywhere on a definition of "Digest",
but didnt know what it meant! i.e. still dont know the difference from digest to what you've recommended for me!
note that, I dont want to miss nothing, i.e. I want to get all the announcements and questions/answers etc.