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Re: finding a good Arabic font

On Tuesday 10 July 2007 20:02:39 Boncek, John wrote:
> Thank you to everyone for the suggestions.  I installed DejaVu Sans
> (haven't tried the other one yet) and got display with way too much space
> between characters, like this,
>         c  h  a  r  a  c  t  e  r  s    s  p  a  c  e  d    o  u  t
> in all text strings in either English or Arabic.  Other fonts already on
> the system still look OK.  This font looks this way in the xfontsel
> utility as well as in the application program.  I am new to font
> installation and suspect I neglected to run some configuration utility
> that is needed.  Does this appearance suggest what I am missing?

Ask in the DejaVu Sans mailing list, it has a very responsive community.