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RE: finding a good Arabic font

Thank you to everyone for the suggestions.  I installed DejaVu Sans
(haven't tried the other one yet) and got display with way too much space
between characters, like this, 

	c  h  a  r  a  c  t  e  r  s    s  p  a  c  e  d    o  u  t

in all text strings in either English or Arabic.  Other fonts already on
the system still look OK.  This font looks this way in the xfontsel
utility as well as in the application program.  I am new to font
installation and suspect I neglected to run some configuration utility
that is needed.  Does this appearance suggest what I am missing?

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On Monday 09 July 2007 13:47:44 Boncek, John wrote:
> Hi,
> I am looking for a good-appearing Arabic font or set of fonts for an
> embedded application.  Memory is tight, so a reasonably small size is
> important, preferably under one megabyte.  Screen space is also limited,
> so a font that appears at less than 20 pixels or so total height while
> still being legible would be desirable.  The application runs in Linux
> with GTK and Pango using the Unicode encoding UTF-8.  Can you recommend
> suitable font or set of fonts?
> Sincerely,
> John Boncek

The most visible and readable Arabic font I know specially on a small
text is DejaVu Sans
Nazli is a good and more traditional choice ( 
http://www.farsiweb.ir/wiki/Products/PersianFonts ).
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