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Re: Ubuntu Muslim Edition

On Tuesday 27 February 2007 17:45, jmehdi at ubuntume dot com wrote:
> Today 17:45:54
>    Salam alaykoum,
> I'm glad to announce the release of the first version of Ubuntu Muslim  
> Edition (www.ubuntuME.com[1]), alHamdulillah. You can download it  
> here[2].
> The UbuntuME project has just started ; feel free to post  
> comments/ideas/contributions in the forums.[3]
>    I'm working on the next step of the project: pre-installing arabic  
> fonts/tools etc. I want the process of installing UbuntuME in arabic  
> easy for the end-user. I need to know what packages/softwares/tools I  
> need to install... (I ask you that because I'm not an Arabic-speaking  
> person)
>    Thanks in advance,
> Mehdi
> Administrator of the Ubuntu Muslim Edition project
> www.ubuntuME.com

Honestly, I do not appreciate this project at all. It is useless since it 
doesn't bring anything new to normal distribution. You can be more useful by 
investing your skills in other projects that can make new technologies reach 
the muslim community. For example, even if you do not speak Arabic, you can 
help support Arabic-script languages that are the main languages of the 
muslim world and culture: Bidirectionality, right-to-left interfaces, OCR, 
text-to-speech, etc. are among the technologies that are needed by these 
languages. There are also things that are more intrinsic to islam: Quran 
libraries, hadith, islamic library, adhan and qibl, calculation, computer 
tools that can help islam scholars and researchers (ex: regular expressions 
for Qur'an and Hadith, handful electronised resources...). Moreover, this is 
a silly imitation of the already critisized Christian Edition of Ubuntu. I 
don't meant to be harsh or have any bad intention, but a muslim can use any 
of the current distributions without any problems, as I do.