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Gnome 2-18 Completed


I would like to announce that gnome 2.18 Arabic translation has been completed, nearly one month ahead of schedule. Thanks to a dedicated, hard working, quality and fun team.

This time, the achievement is with excellence. We are amongst the
first 3 languages to have completed it (2 if we don't count en_GB!).

After completing gnome 2.16 we promised more quality, and we're in the
process of achieving just that. Coherence and understandability are
actively being worked on. We are rigorously defining new ways to
improve the quality of the translation, to formalise the translation
process, and pave the way for easier translation for other packages.

Once again, these guys were the cast. They really make it all fun.
They make you proud!
(in no particular order, and I hope I didn't miss any)

* Youssef Chahibi: came to the rescue to finish it off, thanks man!
* Khaled Hosny: the QA(TM) guy, 'nuff said.
* Ahmed Farghal: hard working, he just simply loves his language.
* Mohamed Magdy: truly fun, keeps us together.
* Seba Barto: was working behind the scenes to translate some packages
and correct a few others.
* Djihed Afifi: just so I am last in the list :-)

http://wiki.arabeyes.org/Gnome_screenshots   (to be updated)