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Re: Urdu - [G-I] Indic and arabic fonts; which are be st? (Youssef and Christian) Petrişor) (jess body)

> Christian,
> Regarding the Urdu translation, I think that guys from www.urduweb.org will
> be interested in taking this up. If you can give a ball park estimate of the
> translation  work required (say, number of sentences), I can ask for
> volunteers on the urduweb forum.

D-I translation is organized in "levels" from level1 (the "core"
translation) up to level5 (most external stuff). This is explained in
details in the i18n documentation

Level1 consists of 1452 strings right now. Strings go from one word up
to full paragraphs of 2 or 3 sentences (not more). We can estimate
this to about 2000 sentences.

Level 2 has about 600 strings, most of them being country names. So
much shorter strings

Level 3 has about 1200 strings, most of them pertaining to the
aptitude program, which is not that easy to translate

Level 4 is more tricky as it is mostly made of apt and dpkg programs
strings, so quite deeply technical strings

Level 5 is quite easier and short: about 250 strings

We will soon probably innvert level 5 and 4 and maybe even raise some
stuff in level 5 up to level 3...

http://people.debian.org/~seppy/d-i/translation-status.html gives the
status of each language and columns headers allow accessing to the

HOWEVER, I ask people who want to begin the translation effort to get
in touch with me first. DO NOT start translating before. We have
established a formalized process for each language to enter the
"game"...This process is described in the D-I i18n documentation, the
first step being getting in touch with D-I i18n coordinators (that
would be me actually).