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X Keyboard for Kurdish with Arabic script

Hi all,

I was looking for information on using Arabic script keyboards under Linux and found here are some experts on these things.

I have developed a keymap for Kurdish written in the Arabic script as used in Iraq and Iran. We seem to have similar problems as have been discussed here. The main problem is similar to the "laam alif-problem". We need two unicode characters on one key. (0647 and 200c, heh and zero-width-non-joiner)

In fact, this should not be necessary, because the character "arabic_ae" (06d5) should give the same result. Unfortunately it is not implemented in fonts, and, also important, the de-facto-standard solutions under Windows uses the 0647+200c workaround, too.

So the question: Is it possible to get two characters out of one keystroke in X, and if yes, how?

Best regards,