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Re: Collective work

--- Youssef Chahibi <chahibi at gmail dot com> wrote:
> I think we should ask anyone in Arabeyes to describe his current
> work/project:
> - What is he doing that ?
> - Why is he doing that ?
> - When does he think he will finish ?
> - What can he do ?
> - Why isn't he contributing ?
> If we collect the information from the numerous contributors and
> potential contributors, we can define a delay when we will work
> collectively.
> Collective work is funny, productive, efficient and can help us
> build a more coherent community around OSS and arabization.

I agree with you in principle and a great deal of our initial effort was
to get and maintain status from various people, but since this is a "do
it in your free time" and "this is for fun and to learn from", one can't
stress too much over status when actual work isn't being done.  In other
words, getting people to contribute is far higher on my list of things
to attain than status.  Keep also in mind that the various project pages
were also meant to convey the history, status and plan of the project.
Some project pages are better than others in that they convey all that
info while others could use a bit of harping upon.

As noted what is a priority now is to get back to productivity upon which
time we can hopefully better self-police ourselves in telling others out
there what it is we are working on, what we're planning on accomplishing
and when.  What we need to strive towards is commitment, clarity in
purpose, raising awareness, better educating ourselves and an unbelievable
focus on results, results, results.

My humble opinion.


 - Nadim

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