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Re: Debian Installer (mini) Update

--- Ossama Khayat <okhayat at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> Debian Installer's[1] (RC3) screenshots have been added to Art[2] gallery.
> 1. http://www.arabeyes.org/project.php?proj=Debian
> 2. http://art.arabeyes.org/debian/

Very cool (and thanks) !

A couple of minor comments,

 1. I've seen Arabic translated as "Al-Arabiya" and as "Arabi", are we
    being consistent within Arabeyes and with what is normal outside of
    it (note wikipedia.org for instance).

 2. This is a more fundamental question of alignment, is there talk or
    is anyone (within debian I'm guessing) looking at right-justifying
    Right-to-Left (RTL) text ?

 3. It looks like tanween/diacritic characters are still not handled
    properly (the fatha, shadda, etc -- U+064B - U+0655 among others)

Salam and keep up the wonderful work !

 - Nadim

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