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Re: Volunteers for verifying the quran data

Mete Kural wrote:
Actually, the way to go is to do an abstract design.  Then you can
map abstract semantic units to either level.  E.g.
[[neg-particle-laa]] can map either to a codepoint in an encoding
design or an element in an xml language, according to your taste.
Everybody's happy!

OK, that's good. But what would be really useful is in addition to an
abstract design, if you implemented your design based on TEI and
proposed any additions that you made which were necessary to be added
to TEI so everyone can benefit from them. Once it is added to TEI,
OSIS can adopt it from TEI since they closely follow each other. This
may help facilitate the usage of TEI within Arabic academia.

Point taken. Believe it or not I have a print out of the TEI docs from about 10 years ago laying around somewhere. I hope they haven't changed it much.