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Re: Encoding the Quranic Manuscripts

--- Abdulhaq Lynch <al-arabeyes at alinsyria dot fsnet dot co dot uk> wrote:
> Meor wrote:
> > So, to get as much support as we can, I think the best is to propose
> > what is the simplest of all: just include the sequential tanween, 3
> > new codepoint to unicode. That's it.(of course , some other codepoint
> > need to be added as well in order to render the quran properly) It
> > will be the easiest to application developer also. If we were to
> > encode the tajweed as well as other liguistic information , I think
> > that's where XML come into picture.
> In principle I agree, but say: don't wait for Unicode. Specify something now 
> and do it. In a sense you're already encoding the tajweed anyway. If I want 
> to I can take your encoding and make it more semantically applicable and 
> useful for other styles of quranic scripts such as the South 
> African/Indian/Pakistani one.

Please do - again, if need be we can set a portion within the Quran
project's CVS for these purposes, feel free to ask for whatever is needed.


 - Nadim

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