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Re: GNU Arab League Flag

On Wed, Jun 22, 2005 at 08:59:49AM +1200, Andrew Lindesay wrote:
> Hello Ahmad;
> Thanks for that -- do you know of somewhere that one can obtain this  
> flag in PDF, EPS, WMF or SVG (ie: vector) formats that is not under  
> the GNU license as my program is shareware?

And why am I supposed to waste a second searching for something that'll go in a shareware thing ?
I See no real benefit to the community, We help you, You get everything, We get nothing.

From here:
"Unlike other Arabized products, Arabeyes is Open Source, completely"

> BTW :: I am supporting the Arabeyes dictionary in my WordLookup  
> program for MacOS-X which you may be interested in;
>     http://www.lindesay.co.nz/page_wordlookup.shtml
The wordlist AFAIK is under the GPL.

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