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Re: Dictionary arabic/french/english/german

--- Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle at freenet dot de> wrote:
> My partner will begin some translations in the next weeks and need a
> dictionary arabic=>french/french=>arabic.

I'm sure there are english->french open sourced dictionaries on the 'net
out there.  If you find one you can use our Wordlist [1] (english->arabic
dictionary) and cross-reference the terms to come-up with a french->arabic

In other words,

  english->french + english->arabic (string compare) -> french->arabic

The arabic->* route is ALOT more difficult and we've been talking about
starting an arabic->english project on the 'doc' list for ages now.  We
need an exhaustive list of Arabic words and there was talk in the past
about using 'duali' to generate that list (not 100% sure this is doable
and the right path to go in, thoughts ?).  In short, you'd be best served
to bring the topic up on 'doc' to see who can join your effort to get
an Arabic wordlist created.

Hope that helps.

[1] http://www.arabeyes.org/project.php?proj=Wordlist


 - Nadim

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