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Dictionary arabic/french/english/german

Hello *,

My partner will begin some translations in the next weeks and need a
dictionary arabic=>french/french=>arabic.  She lives in Marrakech and
speeks curently only arabic and french, but is learning english and
if I come to Morocco, german too.

Myself learning the arabic language and have only the "Langenscheidt:
Arabic/German" but with less quality for 30€

Because I am curently jobless and need good dictionaries, but relative
cheep ones can someone recommend where i can get it?

I need (in priority):

arabic=>french/french=>arabic           for Karima and me and a friend

arabic=>english/english=>arabic         for me
arabic=>german/german=>arabic           for me

I have the need to translate technical issues (Informatic, Electronic,
Electrotechnic and Mechanical Engineering) too.

If someone can organize it for me in SA, SY, LB, KW or other countries
please let me know.  I can send money via SWIFT or Western Union.

In germany I get only crap and in france they are crazy to ask for 100 €.


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