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Re: first contact

On 6/1/05, hamed <hamed_fcs at hotpop dot com> wrote:
> salam every one 

Salam Hamed,

> [...]
> becide this I want to do something in arabeyes 
> but because I'm from syria & our Internet, 
>  I don't have experience in dialing with distrebuted work 
> I want to watch & learn about this 
> where should I begin ??  
> & how much time I have to do usefull thing ?? 
> [...]

Don't worry about the Syrian Internet thing, as far as contributing to
Arabeyes concerns, things can be worked out once you're ready to
contribute, I'm from Syria myself, and contribute to Arabeyes.

Why not familiarize yourself with KBabel and do some translation for
OpenOffice.org or Mozilla as a start?