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Claroline and the Arab world


May I introduce myself in the mailing list of the arabeyes.org project. My name is Guillaume Lederer, I am a developper of the Claroline opensource project. I was present at the LSM 2005 and assisted to the presentation of Youcef R. Rahal who recommanded me to send this mail here, where I could find people involved in the Arab opensource world.

Claroline is an opensource Learning Management System (LMS) based on the PHP/MySQL technologies. It allows teachers or institutions to easily set websites for their online courses. So far, the project has known a good succes and the software is now used in more than 400 universities and institutions all over the world (see http://www.claroline.net). In a process of internationalisation, we have also had lots of contributions and the Claroline interface has been translated so far in more than 28 languages. However, we are still facing some difficulties to maintain the Arab version, which is about 40% ready for now (as the software still evolved a lot since the last translations we received). I am in contact with an Egyptian student who already did 20% of those 40% but I thought he would appreciate some help.

I am asking then if any of the people from this list is interested in contributing to the Arab translation of Claroline, as the software could be a great benefit to the arab speaking community. It is about 1500 sentences/words to translate where almost the half is done (could be done in only a day!). For technical reasons related to PHP server configuration, we can not use ".po" file but we use a simple PHP (text) file where everyline is like:

$langWordtoTranslate = "Word to translate";

A file containing the job expected to do is attached to this mail.

Anyone interested can contact me personnally or is welcome on our IRC chan : irc.freenode.org, #claroline

Kind regards to all of you,

Guillaume Lederer
Claroline community

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