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Re: Tanween variants and Unicode

Sorry, my bad. The 06DF is defined for "illah" character, which is
alef, waw and yeh if i'm not mistaken. THe 06E0 is strictly for alef.
Anyway, the used for it is very limited.


On 8/30/05, Gregg Reynolds <gar at arabink dot com> wrote:
> Meor Ridzuan Meor Yahaya wrote:
> > But don't forget one thing, the 06df and 06E0 in only used in the
> > Madinah Mushaf in combination with alef, and only alef.
> >
> I don't know if my copy is Madinah or not, but in the end pages it gives
> and example of "al-Sifr al-mustatiir" on a dotless ya.
> But that is irrelevant, in my opinion.  I am fundamentally and adamantly
> opposed to the notion that well-established codepoints should be given
> dual semantics.  If you want new semantics, propose a new codepoint.
> -gregg
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