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Re: Tanween variants and Unicode

Mete Kural wrote:
Here is Unicode Technical Standard #18 written by Mark Davis himself
that gives clues to what Unicode means by "characters":

http://unicode.org/reports/tr18/ Look for:

"One or more Unicode characters may make up what the user thinks of
as a character. To avoid ambiguity with the computer use of the term
character, this is called a grapheme cluster. For example, "G" +
acute-accent is a grapheme cluster: it is thought of as a single
character by users, yet is actually represented by two Unicode

Regards, Mete

Hi Mete,

Just wanted to let you know that I'm pretty booked for the next few days, but will respond. Personally, I find this topic of "what is a character" quite fascinating, so I warn you that if I can't persuade you I may bore you to death. ;)