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Re: Tanween variants and Unicode

--- Mete Kural <metek at touchtonecorp dot com> wrote:
> Anybody is still free to propose these six tanween codepoints if they want
> to propose. There is nothing stopping them from doing so.

That I knew - but the point of this entire thread (as far as I'm concerned)
is to get others to see the other end of the argument (be it right or wrong)
and to at least sympathize with what is being said.  It is no mystery that
Arabeyes doesn't have any pull with unicode (if you can even call it that)
and that there are a handful of "experts" that approve such proposals.
Mr T.Milo is such an expert and he's referenced often enough to know that
when it comes to arabic his stance and decision is more than likely to
prevail.  As such it would have been wonderful for you and Thomas to at
a minimum agree with what was being said for the proposal would have no
chance whatsoever without some backing from those interested in this topic
on _this_ list.

> But we would discourage anyone from proposing such six new tanween
> codepoints. Although as I said they can go ahead if they want to.
> In the end the final decision is made not by us but the Unicode
> Technical Commitee.

Out of curiosity, who is the "we" in the 'we would discourage' above ?

> We are not pulling the plug on anyone. As I say the UTC is the decision
> maker. Anyone can make another proposal after our proposal if they don't
> like the result. Then, the decision would be up to the UTC to make.

As noted without buy-in from those involved with unicode on this list we
have an extremely limited change to get anything through to the committee.

Sorry, but I continue to be baffled regarding this topic and the rather
limiting (to many) solution sought.


 - Nadim

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