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Re: Word Processing- English to Arabic


the pdf looks very good.

If you want help with the arabic I would be pleased to help although I don't 
speak Italian. I noticed that often where the letter عين `ain should be, 
there is a  همزة hamza. There are quite a lot of other spelling mistakes too. 
It seems as if you wrote the arabic word based on transliteration rather than 
learning from arabic script. I strongly advise you not to use transliteration 
in your own learning if you aim to become strong in the language. For 
instance, you have spelt the تنوين tanween using a noon rather the 
appropriate signs.


On Saturday 29 May 2004 21:38, Andrea Benazzo wrote:
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> I'm an Arabic newbie too, and I am building up an Arabic course too. Till
> now I've been feeling great with ArabTeX, which is an extension to the
> TeX-LaTeX tipographical markup language.
> in particular with this package (thanx Klaus) everything is possible: you
> may mix up English and Arabic words on the same line, as well as creating
> different columns so that you have the english text on one side and the
> Arabic original copy on the other.
> if you want an example, go look my course from Italian to Arabic @
> www.thephoenix.altervista.org/arabo/arabo.pdf
> of course LaTeX is totally different from Ms Word since in the former, you
> write a simple text file with tags (like html pages), which will be
> compiled by a program. later on it will create a wonderful .dvi or .ps or
> .pdf file easily, without having to manual typeset the margins, the
> headings, the font,... things which drive you crazy if you use Word.
> for every help, I'm here and ready to help you.
> bye-bye
> Andrea
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