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size betwenn characters in OO arabic

Salam oualaykoum
hi my friend
I 've just installed Fedora core 2.0, with it's OO,
version 1.1.1,
in the previous there was no problem to write in
arabic. I mean the caracters are correctly displayed. 
In the previous OO-1.0 , We have to add manually the
arabic fonts by the printer manager, but it ran
In this version, the arabic fonts exit in the
software, so first question, how to add new fonts,
secondly , this is a bug I thing, 
when you write in arabic, the letters are compressed
at right, so that 2 ou 3 letters in one place, and you
read what is written.

thank you for help
sorry to write directly to your email, I did't find
Faq list , I avoid to subscribe ( I am already in
arabeyes  list).


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