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Arabbix 0.9_Alpha1 development release ready for download

Salam all:

I am happy to announce that Arabbix 0.9 Alpha1 is out and ready for your bug testing, report writing, anmar bugging ;).

PLEASE PLEASE read the release notes first before downloading the ISO image.


Release Notes:

- This release is not for production nor distribution on a large scale due to incompleteness.

- Please download this image and test it on your machine, I am particularly interested in testing the HD installer tools, Arabic localization effort, missing applications, or any requests needed.

- To activate HD install tools open a terminal and type:
	# sudo su			( to be root )
	# morphix-control-panel

- This ISO image contains the major applications you come to expect from Arabbix:
- Mozilla 1.6
- FireFox, Thunderbird
- Openoffice 1.1.1
- GNOME 2.6.1
- OpenOffice 1.1.1 Arabic installer for Windows
- Duali
- Katoob
- Arabic fonts
- Full C/C++ development environment (No emacs :))
- Xfce4
- full Python development
- multimedia software
- gdesklets

- This ISO lacks the following:

- Xfce4 (Arabic/English) Boot option
- Mozilla Arabic localization interface
- Improved boot, and splash screens (thanks to Arafat Medini for the improved images)
- HD install tools localization
- User environment customization
- Arabic linux documentation
- Arabeyes specific documentation
- CD Root (windows autorun) arabbix/arabeyes specific documentation
- GAIM, XCHAT, and Synaptic Arabic localization files

Bugs and requests:

If you have any bugs you wish to report with regards to this release, please point your browser at:


Wishes can be granted with a small sum of cash ;) . Just kidding...
Make sure your feature request is not already present. I will try and incorporate all needs and requests from past releases of Arabbix into this release. To make a wish, point your browser to :


Hacking: -----------

Arabbix 0.9 Alpha1 is a good candidate to get familiar with Arabbix internals and how to go about modifying it.

I have written a simple, small document on how to hack arabbix and modify its contents. You can find it at:


Let me know if you encounter any problems.

What is next:

- Next development release of Arabbix will be on July 11th 2004. Next release focuses on completing all the important details such as localization of important apps, and fixing any critical or major bugs.

- All future releses, with the exception of the final release, will follow the naming convention set by Arabeyes development guide

- I hope to have the final release on August 1st. 2004.


Anmar Oueja
anmar at canada dot com