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me mine yours


it seems that the "my gnome" statement I made, made many ppl react in a
way i didn't mean.

when saying that the project is mine I was simply referring to the fact
that I am it's coordinator, and I took the responsability for it, and
worked hard to make it as it is now.
Seeing that, exactly after the project finally got on track, Ahmad says
we need a new coordinator, without even asking me and with assuming
indirectly that paid translators are better then non paid ones, made me
jalous on #my# project. There from comes the "my".

Still I think at the end that the whole infrastructure I am using is
also mine even if at the end it is the hard work of others.

And as I said before to nadim, when I came here first I was using the
work of others to understand the whole thing.

So please don't understand me wrong in thinking that maybe I am not
concidering someone when it comes to gnome. Because I do.

So if I made someone uneasy with this, then excuse me for not explaining
my self.

Still as I wrote this again and again, no one can simply come and reduce
OUR work , mine Osamas Alrashedeens, Azawawis to nothing. Only cz the
others are paid.
And to not repeat myself you can still read my opinion about this in the
other mails.