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Re: arabic man pages is possible

Hello Moayyad:

Thanks alot for your man page. I am having diffculty opening it in nautilus on Debian Sid but i am sure it is some thing i am missing.

BTW, if we use Docbook format (XML) we can translated all of our docs to man pages (assuming we are translating them to man).

I think having arabic man pages is great.


Moayyad Al-Sadi wrote:
I was anti-transalting man pages since mlterm and akaa
are not yet famous
but I real an article in linuxfocus that change my
yes we can read arabic man pages in konqueror and
download this test
change the extention to be foobar.n
and type in the address in konqueror or nautlus man:/home/name/foobar.n
then you can read it in arabbic
so let us start translating the main man pages

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