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Re: We have a problem!

--- Ahmad Al-rasheedan <asr at baldi dot cc> wrote:
> Committed people from Arabeyes, committed people from linux4arab
> and other scattered Arabic web sites and groups should join forces
> and focus. We have a problem with manpower and by joining forces
> we make sure there isn't anything duplicated and we get more hands.

I don't think we are replicating or duplicating work.  I do think that
we are in need of a more central authority/site that would bring various
groups (if any) together.  I've always envisioned the need for a common
Arabic Lug as an example (not in place-of but in addition-to) to sit
along side the now 7 or 8 out there already.  I think it might be wise,
as an educational campaign, for someone to look into and take on the
establishment of an Arabic OSS site that would take on such issues and
tap into various organizations to spread their news and to raise the
community's entire level of awareness.  The site would need to be devoid
of any personal agendas and be run by committee and cater to _all_ Arabs
and address all their issues, etc.

> I am sure linux4arabs and the like have few committed people
> that can be invited to play a role over here and vis versa.

The more cross-pollination we all have, the better the entire community is.


 - Nadim

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