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Re: mutt under X-Window with UTF-8 (arabic)

--- Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle at freenet dot de> wrote:
> Am 2004-07-23 23:49:15, schrieb Nadim Shaikli:
> >Its lacking Arabic shaping (which terminal was this under ?
> >Its odd to see Bidi with no shaping support still in some
> >applications - we need to fix this).  In order to see an
> Because I have no programming experience with bidi, what must 
> exactly fixed... and what do you mean with "shaping" ?

Shaping is the act of "connecting" Arabic characters together.
In Arabic, the characters look different depending on where they
fall within the word.

> >example of properly displayed output, I highly recommend
> >you run mutt in 'mlterm' since mlterm is a terminal emulator
> >that fully supports arabic.
> Hmmm, I had installed mlterm, but it does not show me the fonts 
> correct and I have no "umlaut". Ans Second it crashs all the time.
> I have ten times more crashes with mlterm as with Katoob.

I've never had mlterm crash on me (debian unstable) for years now.
With regard to setup (fonts and mlterm) reading this reference [1]
might help else get on IRC and ask anyone there - most (if not all)
are avid mlterm users.


Sorry for the reply delay & Salam.

 - Nadim

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