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Re: Help needed to fin any LGPL compatible hijri algorithms

Salam ..
  Well check this out:
Although some say that ICU is heavy waight .. maybe it could be of use..
It's Licence is :

I am not sure how compatable it is with anything .. but here is my shoot..

Isam Bayazidi

On Saturday 18 January 2003 19:51, cfmoro at correo dot uniovi dot es wrote:
>    Assalam 'alaykum
>    As mentioned in other mails, KDE's hijri support is yet complete
> (using kdelibs cvs head), integrated and functional in many
> applications (through klocale's funtions).
>    But there's a last hout problem... it's my fault 0:), i've used
> Waleed Muhanna's algorithms, and at the moment, their license is not
> LGPL compatible. I've written  Waleed asking him the possibility of
> releasing them under any LGPL license, but i'm also looking for any
> other implementation that could replace them (apart from emacs' ,
> that is not very precise...). Do you know where could i find any
> implementation LGPL compatible (files, scripts, library,
> applications) or that could be used in a GNU file (or even detailed
> information to create the implementation) ?
>   Cheers. Thank you in advance
>   Carlos Amin
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