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Help needed to fin any LGPL compatible hijri algorithms

   Assalam 'alaykum

   As mentioned in other mails, KDE's hijri support is yet complete 
(using kdelibs cvs head), integrated and functional in many 
applications (through klocale's funtions).

   But there's a last hout problem... it's my fault 0:), i've used 
Waleed Muhanna's algorithms, and at the moment, their license is not 
LGPL compatible. I've written  Waleed asking him the possibility of 
releasing them under any LGPL license, but i'm also looking for any 
other implementation that could replace them (apart from emacs' , 
that is not very precise...). Do you know where could i find any 
implementation LGPL compatible (files, scripts, library, 
applications) or that could be used in a GNU file (or even detailed 
information to create the implementation) ?

  Cheers. Thank you in advance

  Carlos Amin