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Re: VIM for Windows supporting Arabic (I love it)

The patch is great but comes short... there is no way of writing arabic numbers the right way (left to right) unless you switch right to left and vice versa...... Any how it is a great first attempt......

p.s. If I had an installer, is there somewhere on Arabeyes.org I can upload it? I do have a website but it is not fully up yet


Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:
On Tue, Jan 07, 2003 at 07:49:02PM -0800, anmar oueja wrote:

well it is up to you really :)

I am a bit of a newbie but working hard on getting the thing up and running ASAP.

I really do not see what needs to be done. I downloaded the source and patched it. all worked well so I am puzzled as to what needs preperation.

Well, I am not a windows user, I was simply going to bring it up on
Linux. If you say it needed no changes then no need to do anything ;)
The patch doesn't really touch much of the code, more than adds new code
to it. The only changes I would pay attention to are the mbyte.c changes.