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Re: mlterm, is it a joke ?

--- Moayyad Al-Sadi <double_bksp at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> why does mlterm needs a flag to use fribidi
> why it's not the default and if someone don't want it
> use a flag NOFRIBIDI or something
> I say this since most mlterm rpms are with no fribidi
> and so they don't do the job of being international
> I tried the mandy contributed mlterm

Keep in mind that mlterm is an international terminal and as such
there are a number of languages out there that do NOT need or require
Bidi (bidirectionality) abilities.  So its rather reasonable for the
authors of mlterm not to require fribidi to compile and install their
application (ie. it's pretty reasonable for fribidi to be optional).

As for why mandrake is missing RPMs with fribidi pre-compiled, that is
an issue worth raising with those that create RPMs and those that
include them in rpmfind.net, etc.

Hope that helps & Salam.

 - Nadim

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