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Re: SCS presentation

On Saturday 27 December 2003 10:30, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> Munzir, would you be interested 

I am interested and its an honour I don't deserve but thought some one else 
could do it better. If no one else is going to take it, I won't disappoint 
you inshallah.

> Most of the details can be found here,
>   http://lists.arabeyes.org/archives/general/2003/December/msg00125.html

But they are saying "send your submission to ... no later than Dec. 20, 2003. 
I am afraid we missed it. Another point is I need the approval of my managers 
since its extremely hard to take a day in the middle of the week off. I will 
see and reply...

> If you agree, we need to get going on getting the presentation completed
> and practiced prior to actual audience delivery.  We'd do most of the
> presentation preparation, all you'd have to do is get familiar with it
> and present it.

I will give a confirmation when I see the presentation and if everything else 
is OK.

> BTW: if there are others that are in or will be in Riyadh on Jan. 13, 2004
>      and are interested in presenting, do please speak up.

Yes, please.

Munzir Taha
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