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prayertime desklet 0.4

salam 3alaikum.  
hope all is going well with everyone and their families insha'Allah.
i've rewritten a large portion of the desklet for salat times because it
was broken.  rather than wget and parse a webpage, this one uses the itl
prayertime program and just parses its output.  the result is a desklet
that isn't dependent on a network connection.  i think i've also fixed a
lot of the old bugs.

before i put it on the desklets page later today or tomorrow
insha'Allah, i wanted to get some feedback about it.

1. can someone make a translation?  i had one that i'd made but i think
i lost the file... it shouldn't be too hard...
2. graphics, anyone?  especially for the praytime display..
3. suggestions?
4. bug reports?
5. general improvements, display beautification, etc?

i really don't want to put too much time into this in terms of putting
more features in, because i am more interested in this kind of
application as an app that sits in the gnome notification area moreso
than a desklet because i don't always use desklets... and such an
application (that runs with gnome) can be more sophisticated -- i guess
there is one in cvs i haven't looked at it yet (akemsalatak) -- and i
think some brothers have written one for kde (which i also haven't tried

but anyway... i'd appreciate any suggestions, etc.
it can be found for download here:

jazakumAllah khair.
walsalam 3alaikum.
ahmed el-helw