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Re: help programming in arabic

--- chi benali <cbenali_75 at yahoo dot fr> wrote:
> Salem,
> I'm not a programmer but I use Linux and I am a
> linguistic student in Paris and I want to make some
> free work on the arab languge. So, can someone help
> me in this aim : 
> It's very easy what I want to do : 
> for example how can we read in C programmin g a file
> in arabic character :
> If I have a some text or poem in arabic and I want
> to know how much a caracters in it under C program.
> I do it in my degree for thr french language but I
> hope to do the same work for my own launguge. 
> Thanks for your help and we have to push Linux in
> Arabic more and more.
> If there some doc or something like dont foget to
> talk about 
>  Chiheb 
> Soory for my english !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

&#1608; &#1593;&#1604;&#1610;&#1603;&#1605;

What type of file have you ? ASCII file. I mean, have
you written your file with an editor or word
In the first case each caracter is represented in one
byte, and in C you case use printf to print the code
of your caracter. 

we need more info about your file, or send it. 


>  l


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