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Re: Arabic Mandrake Cooker ?

ביום רביעי, 17 בדצמבר 2003, 23:27, נכתב על ידי Nadim Shaikli:
> A couple of days ago on IRC Diego Iastrubni (aka cuco) suggested
> something that was very interesting and something that we should
> follow-up in earnest on regarding Mandrake's Cooker.
> Diego noted the following,
bla bla bla...

> I tend to agree with Diego - we _must_ be more demanding of distro esp
> when everything we require is technically done - the inclusion of fonts
> _must_ happen and we must get up in a roar about this (and other similar
> minor issues).
May I suggest a phone to the devel support phone of mandrake? One of my group 
has done that. I think it helped a little bit (the same day I saw somthing 
moving on in cooker.

> Mr. Munzir Taha, since you are the mandrake guru around here, could you
> please do the above and tell us what to vote for and whom to spam ?  We
> are more than willing to help out to get this issue resolved (as should
> every person on this list).
May I suggest another thing?
Remaster the first disk. It's a 30 minutes job, and it will give you a FULLY 
Arabic distro. It's a tricky job, but I think I still remember how t is done. 

> BTW: Diego, thanks for the suggestion.
Sure, no problems. :)
Next time, wait a little longer, I would have mailed this mail myself as you 
told me :) 



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