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Re: xvkbd - virtual keyboard

On Thursday 11 December 2003 15:06, Munzir Taha wrote:
> On Thursday 11 December 2003 14:57, Mohammed Yousif wrote:
> >  There is no shaping, the program is only required to display separated
> >  arabic characters. (Do you see any shaping on a real keyboard? ;-)
> i.e. shaping will be done by the application itself, right?

 no, it will not be done at all.
 a typical virtual keyboard does the followings:
  - Draw the separated characters on its window using a specified font.
  - Process 'ButtonPress' events and catch them when the mouse is
    pointing to a (previously drawn) characters glyph.
  - Get the glyph code (previously stored) and Release a 'KeyPress' event that
    corresponds to the character followed by a 'KeyRelease' when it recieves
    a 'ButtonRelease' event.
 As you see, shaping is not needed at all and a virtual keyboard can work
 without even drawing the glyphs on its window given that you know their

Mohammed Yousif
We _will_ restore OUR Jerusalem.