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Re: failed ./configure of qtquran .041

On Sunday 08 December 2002 06:30, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> --- Mohammed Yousif <mhdyousif gmx net> wrote:
> > On Saturday 07 December 2002 21:18, - wrote:
> > This is because you disabled multi-threading and so the
> > compiler doesn't know about QThread which is multiple
> > inherited by audioPlayThread class along with QObject.
> > Could you please, reconfigure it with mt and send me config.log ?
> Mr Yousif, can't configure check for the inclusion/presence of that
> library ?  Make sure to add all these checks (and others that have
> mentioned on the various lists by people having problems with
> this or that) to ensure that future users get a rock solid application
> that will catch various missing libraries, files, objects, etc upon
> 'configuration'.
It does checks for Qt, but you still can use --disable-mt and then it will
not work.
I will try to disable that option.

Mohammed Yousif
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