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Re: Reading arabic on linux


	If I were you I'd just use lynx with acon on the console.  There
is a program called Arazilla for X and another called AraMosaic, but
neither seems to work very well at least for me.  You don't need the
graphics if you just want to read Arabic.  You can download acon from
http://members.tripod.com/ahmedahamid/.  Acon is an arabization program,
so you can use it with just about any Unix program for the console.  One
problem is that most Arabic web sites are written only for Internet
Explorer 5 or above.

On Mon, 5 Nov 2001, Jens Askengren wrote:

> Hello
> I've been studying  arabic for a few months now, and I would
> like to try read arabic web pages.
> In mozilla/galeon text seems microscopically small and blocky.
> Is this just a font problem, or can you actually identify individual
> letters?
> Any tips of good, readable fonts?
> I have a swedish keyboard and would like make an alternate keymap
> for X so I can write arabic. Do you think this this is possible?
> It seems rather hard to get an arabic keyboard here...
> Since my vocabulary is rather limited, i have a hard time reading
> text without wovels. Do you know if there exists any program that
> does wovel-guessing based on wordlists/context etc?
> Thanks
> 	-Jens
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