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Re: Reading arabic on linux

At 07:12 PM 05/11/01 +0100, you wrote:
In mozilla/galeon text seems microscopically small and blocky.
Is this just a font problem, or can you actually identify individual letters?
Any tips of good, readable fonts?

As much as Mozilla got better in arabic support, the KDE Konqueror still give the best arabic shaping for arabic letters/fonts

I have a swedish keyboard and would like make an alternate keymap
for X so I can write arabic. Do you think this this is possible?
It seems rather hard to get an arabic keyboard here...

There is an Arabic Keyboard enabling you to write arabic : read this discussion ( In arabic ) : http://www.montada.com/linux4arab/showthread.php?s=&threadid=45416 and download this file : http://mhdyousif.hypermart.net/arabic.tar.gz

hoping that this would help you in KDE .. if you use other Window Managers here is this file :

Since my vocabulary is rather limited, i have a hard time reading
text without wovels. Do you know if there exists any program that
does wovel-guessing based on wordlists/context etc?

sorry .. I didn't see such program..