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Re: "Simplified Naskh" font, 1st alpha release


Nice font indeed, I like it and put it as a default font in my system.

But I noticed one small bothering thing, the letter بـ (when attached
to another letter) has its point quite near unlike the يـ for example. And
that made some words look  unpleasable (look at ويكيبيديا in this font
for example).

Keep going with these beautiful fonts.


On Dec 27, 2007 6:00 PM, Khaled Hosny < khaledhosny at eglug dot org> wrote:
I'm pleased to announce the first alpha release of "Simplified Naskh"

The aim of this font is to provide an Arabic font that is designed with
on screen usage, as GUI or web fonts, in mind. It's glyphs are based
mainly on SIL's Scheherazade font[1], though many glyphs got improved or
completely replaced for various reasons.

The font can be downloaded from here:
Please test!

A sample screenshot:

 * Glyphs (letter shapes) are close to Naskh script, though more
   sophisticated contextual variants aren't supported.
 * Covers all Arabic Unicode block, though not all languages using
   Arabic script are supported, help from native speakers is welcomed.
 * Correct Harakat placement using OpenType GPOS tables.

Advantage over Scheherazade font:
 * Glyphs are larger, making it clearer at small sizes.
 * Fontconfig friendly.
 * Glyphs for الله and لله ligatures replaced by more calligraphically
   accepted ones.
 * Glyphs for U+06DF, U+06E0 and U+06E1 replaced with correct ones,
   original glyph were incorrect having strange unrelated shapes. Those
   are used in Quranic text.
 * Glyphs for U+06AA and its contextual forms replaced by more
   calligraphically accepted ones.
 * Kasra is always bellow base glyph, whether combined with Shadda or
   not, instead of being bellow Shadda.

However, there are many regressions relative to Scheherazade that we are
trying to fix befor the 1st final release.

1. http://scripts.sil.org/ArabicFonts


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