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Re: "Application of the month" project

في الإثنين 11 سبتمبر 2006 01:22 ، كتب Youssef Chahibi :
> السلام عليكم
> 	Arabeyes.org is often seen as inactive, the latest real news is outdated
> (2005). Meanwhile, Arabeyes doesn't have the same activity as before (this
> is what I feel). So, we need something to refresh the news list, and power
> up the RSS feed.
> 	The idea is to make an "Application of the month" post. Each month, one
> application is suggested. A small one if there are few translators (Say
> K3B), and a big one if there are lot of translators (Say Firefox). After
> the application is selected, say Konversation, it is split and then all
> translators must translate a part in less than one month while they are
> working on other projects (Gnome, KDE, OpenOffice.org, Debian, Mozilla
> ...). Djihed's Pootle server can be used to make contributions easier. The
> application can simply be a component of a larger project.
Good idea
but how will you integrate all contributions in one po file 
do you mean to carve it  in pieces and distribute each pice to one 
translator ?

which application do you want  to start with ?

> 	In the end of the Month, a quite full review of the "Application of the
> month" is made, with lot of screenshots of the Arabic interface. The review
> is in Arabic, and optionnally also in English (Arabic -> English
> translators are also welcome in Arabeyes).

> 	Comment on this, we will start incha'allah in October.
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