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Autocheck and commit script


First, apologies for the last 5 or so test commits :P

I've written a script to auto check and commit files, it checks using
msgfmt, and commits the file with the message pulled from the output
of msgfmt.

This is convenient for those who translate a bunch of files and commit
them one by one with the appropriate message for each. Like youssef
and Saad.

Get it here: http://djihed.com/poc

Make sure you chmod +x poc, so it executes.
Also, it would be good if you put it somewhere like ~/local/bin after
adding that to the path, so it executes without specifying path (not

Usage information:
poc [--no-fuzzy] [--no-untranslated] [--commitanyway] file1.po file2.po ...
--no-fuzzy: Do not commit if there are fuzzy strings
--no-untranslated: Do not commit if there are untranslated strings
--commitanyway: if msgfmt returns errors

Simple? Please use it and report errors, it's still experimental.