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Re: Invitation to revive OpenOffice.org Arabic translation project

On Tue, Nov 28, 2006 at 02:58:58AM -0800, Ossama Khayat wrote:
> Salam all,
> I would like to revive the OpenOffice.org project and start working again on the translation. I've got many requests from Arabeyes members and other gentles who would like to work on this project.

Good to hear that, just I've some thought that may be helpful. 

I think you, as the maintainer, should compile some what a list of all 
available files or modules, then group it ,say files related to calc and 
files related to writer and file common between all OOo components. After 
that we should decide which is of high priority and should be done first,
for example common files should be the first to be finished then writer
then impress and so.

This may help in organizing the work and making some progress over short
period of time, which in tern encourage people involved to do more and
more work.

Khaled Hosny

Egyptian GNU/Linux user
Member of Arabeyes translation team [www.arabeyes.org]
My Blog: [khalid_hosny.manalaa.net]

Support Free Knowledge [ar.wikipedia.org]

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